Welcome to The Potters House Church

If your new here and your looking for a church home then don’t hesitate any longer! Feel free to join us our services are on Sundays at 1pm and Bible Studies 7.30pm, We would love to have you and for you to be a part of our family and for you to see what’s happening in The Potters House Newport.

God bless you see you there!
Pastor Linton Robinson


Wednesdays 7.30 pm
St Marks Church, 7 Gold Tops, Newport
Email, call, or text…Email address – phnewport1@gmail.com & Telephone number-07881403974
No, you don’t. Come as you are.
Most certainty! We are a friendly church.
Wear what you feel comfortable in.
We have a praise and worship service where we sing contemporary Christian worship songs. Then we have a short sermon and a meet and greet with light refreshments and then fellowship after services with food, fun and games.
We are here to help and most of all so is Jesus. 
We are happy to pray for you and help you  
Contact Us or get Directions